Why You Should Use Bright and Colorful Decorative Grasses for Landscaping

If you are really on the lookout for a way to set your garden apart from what anyone else on the block has, you could consider the kind of look that decorative grasses for landscaping can bring you. Decorative grasses, you must understand, aren’t just low manicured grasses except that they are colored differently. Usually, they are the kind of thing you see only on the Discovery Channel.

What do you do when you want privacy in your home in your back yard? Usually, you spend money on a tall hedge or a fence or some such thing, right? When you use decorative grasses for landscaping around your garden, many of these are tall enough to easily provide a privacy screen all around.

And what a privacy screen! Many of these tall grasses grow in colors you’ve probably never seen on a plant – with blue, gray and shiny green stems, you could be forgiven for thinking you have stepped into the world of Avatar. In the right season, these grasses stalk up with wildly colorful flowers too.

If you’re really particular about your privacy, some of these giant red grasses grow over 10 feet tall. Of course, a good bit of heavy trimming is called for every spring. But these are grasses – they grow quickly.

Decorative grasses for landscaping can help frame other flowering plants in your garden to amazing effect. You find yourself looking at your flower beds in an entirely new light when they are surrounded by very tall otherworldly looking plants.

For instance, if you have lavender and hydrangea in your flower beds, tall fountain grass and miscanthus all around can add an unexpected spray of color and make for such a beautiful effect. You can mix and match your tall grasses for different kinds of flowers. If you have rounded flowers, vertical grasses should really go well there. More exotic flowers will really show up well with mounded grasses.

Many people who love what decorative grasses for landscaping can do for them, like to plant these all around their swimming pool. They just choose non- flowering grasses for such a place. It would be a good idea to plant these near your swimming pool when you’re down to your swimming trunks.

You can probably find a kind of decorative grass for every part of your garden. Need something to border your walkways with? Low clumping grasses are great for every kind of bordering task. Blue fescue might be ideal. Feather reed grass, all tall and majestic, would be great around the fence. If you’re looking for a decorative effect, blue stem or switch-grass could be shiny and beautiful.

The decorative grasses for landscaping that are usually brought in, are mostly perennial. When the rest of your garden calls it a day at the end of fall, your garden will look all tired in winter. The ornamental and decorative grasses will keep things looking evergreen.

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