Why Quality Garden Tools Are Invaluable

Horticulture is a passion of mine and has been for years. I have had a garden every year from the time I was 10 years old, and have always had at least one of my crops do exceedingly well! One thing I have found over the years is that quality garden tools are invaluable when growing your own vegetables and fruits, and I have some tools that I have used for more than two decades!

When I first started collecting garden tools about 22 years ago, the first tool that I bought was a spade. I was amazed at how handy it was to quickly dig the small holes necessary to plant many of my vegetables, which is something that a shovel really cannot accomplish. My mother bought me my first spade and it worked like a charm, and I still have that tool to this day! I don’t use it very often, because I found a better one about three years ago, but it has still stood the test of time and served me very well.

One of the garden tools that I have found the most useful is my gardening shears. I use these to trim stems and cut down weeds and for all kinds of purposes. What I like the most about my shears is that they help me to keep my garden neat, and I find using them very therapeutic. There is something quite relaxing and almost meditative about listening to some classic rock with a nice beverage and trimming your garden plants. At least there is for me!

I think of all of my garden tools, my favorite to use is the gardening wand. Essentially, it is an attachment for the end of your hose that allows you to water your garden with a much more gentle stream than you would get with just the hose itself. It is almost like a shower, how the water comes out of the wand, and it allows me to get way down into the soil without displacing a lot of it. I find that they are particularly useful when the weather becomes extremely hot and thorough watering is absolutely necessary.

I could talk at some length about garden tools and what have worked for me over the years. Gardening is not a hobby for everyone, but for those of us who love it, it is a great and rewarding pastime that most of us could spend hours at a time doing. There is just something incredibly rewarding about being able to plant your own vegetables and fruit, watching them grow, and getting to eat them once they are ripe. It makes it feel like you are doing a small part to help out.

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