Where To Source Cheap Garden Containers

The first rule of getting cheap garden containers is this – you mustn’t get hung up on the shape. Anything goes, and there is no one correct shape. Whatever you can get – be made of wood, pottery or plastic – should be just fine too.

Whatever container you use though, there’s one quality that must all have – they must have drainage holes at the bottom. If your containers don’t have them, do be sure to drill holes at the bottom. Without holes, your soil is going to get soggy, and your roots are going to rot.

Okay, let’s move on to some ideas for cheap garden containers.

Now you can always scrounge these up at yard sales, secondhand shops and thrift stores. Before he actually buy anything though, do be sure to hit a couple of all the right places to see what is going. You don’t want to rush into buying anything. In fact, if you would go to restaurants or supermarkets, they’re going to give you 5 gallon service buckets for free.

Often, barring any of the above, old truck tires sliced in two, in longitudinal section will work very well. You just need to fill the hollow with soil and there you go. Of course, these aren’t very good-looking. You could get purpose-built stuff as well. All you need to do is to go to a garden center or nursery and see if they aren’t giving away any unneeded garden containers for free or for cheap.

If you need something really big – like those huge grower’s pots, you could buy them off the Internet for very little money. Just search on the Internet for “plastic grower’s pots”, and you’ll probably find 5 gallon pots for as little as 75 cents each.

There is one little catch there, of course. You’ll have to order at least 50. But even that doesn’t really amount to much money. If you can find people to sell them onto, you could easily been business for yourself.

Have you ever considered repurposing those heavy-duty black plastic dishpan is that they sell dollar stores? But you must be sure that is made of something tough and unbreakable like polyethylene.

There are all kinds of different heavy-duty containers that you can find and you can drill holes and then repurposed them into gardening pots. You need to do is to make sure that you find these parts in different sizes. You can’t have the same size for everything, you know.

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