Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas That Will Amaze You

I have a number of friends who decorate their porches each year with numerous plants, flowers, shrubs and bushes, and make them into little bitty gardens that everyone can enjoy. I have to say that small backyard landscaping ideas  never cease to amaze me, because it is honestly something that I am not sure I could do, or at least do well. I have spent a lot of time admiring them over the years, and I always try to tell my friends just how good they really look, because I know how much time and effort they must have put in.

One of my friends has a brick wall around her porch that she made herself. She is the first one that I always think about when I think of garden ideas for small spaces, because she grew ivy all around the inside of her little wall. The bricks themselves are red, and her porch always reminds me of Wrigley Field. I will tell her this, and she smiles and looks at me like I have three heads, then quickly changes the subject. There is not much else in the way of foliage, but it really works on her porch.

Another friend of mine has always had great garden ideas for small spaces, and he seems to be able to make anything grow in any space. He has his porch covered with flower pots and shrubs, and it really does remind me of a much more scaled-down version of the Bellingrath Gardens in Alabama. I once asked him what his motif was for the garden, and he said he did not really have one. I asked him if he had ever seen the Bellingrath Gardens, and he said he had and could see the similarities.

One of my wife’s friends has always loved to grow things regardless of where she lived, and she used her back yard patio as an opportunity to try some of her garden ideas for small spaces. She used a lot of hanging plants, particularly ferns, combined with potted flowers and bushes, to create a very nice feel out on her patio. I think I probably enjoyed hers the best, because it was so comfortable and relaxing to go out onto her patio and talk and visit with all of our friends.

I have always admired people who come up with garden ideas for small spaces, and at the same time, I have always been kind of envious of them. They possess a quality that I do not but wish that I did. I love visiting their homes because they are so good with plants, and I hope that I might be able to persuade them one day to show me how to do it!