Our Backyard Swimming Pool Has Become a Neighborhood Hangout

My wife and I decided to purchase a backyard swimming pool last year and have it installed so that my son and daughter and their friends could come over and swim whenever they wanted to. We live in a very close-knit community, and our friends are always welcome to come over whenever they want to. Well, it was not long before our backyard swimming pool became a neighborhood hangout and hoards of people were over at our house on a regular basis!

When we first had the backyard swimming pool installed, we invited a couple of our neighbors over and informed them that their kids could bring their bathing suits and trunks and go swimming. We had a barbecue, and the kids swam for a good portion of the afternoon and into the evening. I noticed that one of our friends kept looking over at the pool. I asked her if everything was all right, and she said she was really tempted to get in the pool herself. My wife and I both told her she was welcome to do, and she immediately jumped up, took off her shirt and shorts and was wearing her bathing suit underneath.

My wife and I both looked at each other and laughed, until her husband took of his shirt and jeans, and was wearing his swimming trunks. Apparently, news had spread about our backyard swimming pool, and even the adults wanted in. Our friends ran over to the pool and jumped inside, while our other friends went home to get their bathing suits and my wife and I went inside to get ours. Before long, we were all out in the pool, frolicking in the water like a bunch of schoolchildren, and having the time of our lives!

It was not long before some other neighbors, who had been out of town, came over after hearing all of the ruckus and the word that we had a new backyard swimming pool, and they joined in on the action. We were doing cannon balls off the diving board and playing Marco Polo. We were throwing around a beach ball and playing all sorts of stupid little games. It was crazy!

Word spread quickly about our backyard swimming pool, and before long, our house was the regular neighborhood hangout during the summer months. Every week, we would have several friends and relatives over and go swimming, and everyone always had a great time. It was not long before a couple of other neighbors had pools installed, and now we kind of alternate, which has made it a lot better, but I will still never forget the way people reacted when we first got our backyard swimming pool.

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