Making Container Gardening Fun and Easy

For anyone with the passion for gardening but without the wide open spaces that are commonly associated with gardening, container gardening may be a logical hobby for you to pursue. Container gardening is the process of using self contained pots of soil to grow your garden on a window sill, on a balcony, in your back yard or even on your coffee table in your living room. If this sounds like a hobby you might like to try, check out the rest of this article for some basic information you should keep in mind when starting your container garden.

The first decision you will have to make is where you are going to locate your container garden. While you might want to start with the kind of plants you want to grow, in reality, you have to determine where you can locate your garden and how much space you can devote to it in order to get the information you need to determine what plants will work best with your garden. Will it be inside or outside? Will it be in full or partial sun? How big an area can you commit to the garden. Once you know the answers to these questions, you can move on to step two.

Step two consists of you determining which container you will use. If you are going to locate the garden outside or in the sun, you will need to get a container that can stand up to the elements. Though it may be tempting to buy the absolute cheapest container, if you have harsh sun and have to move your containers for some reason, these run a high risk of falling apart. Purchase the highest quality you can afford and get the size that will suit the space you have set aside for your garden.

Once you know the location of the garden and how big your containers will be, you can move onto what plants you will grow. If you can only have tiny containers on a window sill, you should plant bulbs like tulips or daffodils. This will provide you with flowers and you don’t need much space at all. If you can do hanging baskets, consider tomatoes. Tomatoes do very well when hanging in full sun and will provide you with fresh produce for several weeks. Of course, these are just suggestions, you should tailor your garden to your preferences.

Look up the plants you decide you want and see if they will work with the conditions that you have set aside. Some plants grow best in indirect sun light, others grow best in full sun. You have to make sure that your choice of plant works with your container garden before you plant.

As you can plainly see, container garden is not just a fun and environmentally friendly activity, it can also provide you with fresh vegetables and colorful flowers to improve the quality of your everyday life. Hopefully this article has provided you with the information and motivation you need to get started with your container garden today. Good luck.