Making A Raised Bed Garden for Flowers

You may think of the raised bed garden as something that you use in an urban area to grow vegetables in a small space, or a way to grow food when the ground soil is poor. However, these can be a thing of beauty if you use them to plant and grow your own flowers. Landscaping is a great way to pass the time and also to raise the value of your property. Raised beds can help you add a whole new dimension to your landscaping projects and can give a new look to your garden in general. They are more work but they are also amazing to look at.

One great thing about a raised bed garden is that you can make them just about anywhere, even if you are low on space.  Flowers tend to do better in rich soil so you can fill one up with the best soil you can find and have the most vivid colors you can imagine growing in your raised garden. You can also lay a plastic tarp down under your bed so that water stays where you put it, just make sure you put a few holes here and there so that excess water can escape or you may end up with a water logged flower garden.

Some people like to make their raised bed garden out of recycled materials. You can use old railroad ties if you wish or you could just see what you can find in old logs. You will have to know how to shape and match them though, which is not always easy for some people. Use whatever you can as long as it will hold up to the weight of the dirt contained within. You also want something that looks nice and rather natural, though you can certainly use old tires in an artistic way. Use whatever you find or buy what you need.

When planting flowers in a raised bed garden, you have limited space, but this is what often makes it desirable. You have to think really hard about what plants and flowers you want to use. You have to make use of the space while still creating something pleasing to the eye. You can use greenery as a base and then choose flowers that you think go well together. You can go with a single color, many shades in one color group, or you can go with wild flowers that look good together no matter what the color.

You can also go with a theme. You may want to use your raised bed garden setting to come up with something that will attract butterflies or even hummingbirds. You can research which plants draw what insect or bird and then come up with a design according to what you have on hand or can get in a store. You can also do a raised bed garden in honor of someone you love, which means choosing the plants and flowers that they loved and that remind you of them.

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