Learning Basic Lawnmower Repair

A faulty lawnmower can act in baffling ways and can completely ruin a nice Saturday afternoon that you planned on spending mowing the lawn in a nice quiet (quiet?) fashion. Well, if you could learn a few basic lawnmower repair techniques, you could easily take care of most of the small problems that are known to occur, and you wouldn’t waste any time or money.

Of course, there are all kinds of things that can go wrong with an engine – even a small one. We can’t cover everything, of course. But we can certainly look at some of the more common problems.

Before you start doing anything on your lawnmower, do consider adopting the safety measure of always disconnecting the spark plug first. You don’t under any circumstances want the mower starting up on its own for no reason. Just get down there and pull the spark plug Off, you should be safe.

Even before you go any further, when you’re still by the spark plug, you really should take the opportunity to look closely at this to see if there’s anything you can fix.

You’ll find plenty of well-illustrated spark plug adjustment guides on the Internet. Basically, you want to make sure that your spark plug gap is perfect. If it is, there is really nothing much there that you need to do.

There’s one little thing that most spark plug adjustment manuals fail to take up – that spark plugs could have melted metal around them when you unscrew them and take a close look at them. If you see it, it means that your engine is overheating, and it may be time to change your oil.

Once you are past the spark plug, but the first thing you need to check for in lawnmower that won’t start, is a malfunctioning ignition system. Most lawnmowers use a simple magneto ignition system. Learn to locate problems. Fix them, and you could really become skilled in lawnmower repair.

Now the thing that you need to check for in a faulty magneto. The system consists of a flywheel with magnets on it, and a magneto. When you pull on the starter, this is the thing that you set in motion. Now the thing to check for here is how wide the gap is between the flywheel magneto. It should be be be as thick as a card.

Check all the wiring to make sure that everything is nice and tight. If this part of your system is okay, when someone cranks the engine, there should be a little spark that comes out of the spark plug. If that’s there, then you can be pretty sure that everything’s fine with the ignition system.

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