Landscaping Ideas For Small Yards

Many people think that to have a beautiful garden you need acres of land and wide open spaces. This is simply not true, as we will demonstrate with these great landscaping ideas for small yards. From the smallest city apartment to the coziest suburban town house, it is possible to have a gorgeous garden without needing a large amount of space. The answer you are looking for is container gardening. Follow along as we explore all that you need to know about starting your own outdoor space inside a few containers.

When container gardening, the first thing you need to do is consider what you would like to plant. If you are planning small herbs, your containers should be small and compact. If you want gorgeous, ripe tomato vines, your containers should be tall. If your goal is to grow large bushes of roses or other blooming plants, wide containers will provide the key you are looking for to make your plants healthy and beautiful. Plot out your garden and decide on your containers before you get started to make sure the pots you have will fit your needs.

When choosing your perfect containers, consider the amount of heat present in your space. If you are planting your flowers, vegetables and herbs on a sunny, outdoor deck, purchase containers that are light in color. Light colored containers absorb a minimal amount of heat, allowing you to more easily control how much heat is accessing the roots of your plants so that they grow healthier. In contrast, dark colored containers will attract more heat, and they might be better suited for a very shady area that remains cool most of the day and year.

Another thing to consider in order to keep your plants healthy is the amount of moisture your plants will need. Always make sure your containers have an adequate amount of drain holes related to the size of your plants. The drain holes will allow your containers to release excess moisture so your plants are not in danger of root rot, mold and other moisture related diseases. Check your holes regularly to make sure they do become clogged in any way. If the roots of your plants start growing through them, that can be an indication that you need a bigger container for that particular plant.

Finally, consider your own comfort level in managing your containers. If you are elderly, frail or in other ways physically limited, always place your containers at a height that does not require you to bend down in order to tend to your plants. Height might also be important if you have plants that you want to keep away from children or animals. The easier it is for you to access your plants, and the more difficult it is for those who you don’t want near your plants to access them, the easier it will be for you to maintain your beautiful garden.

There are so many options when it comes to container gardening. From store bought containers, to soda bottles to coffee cans, with a little creativity you can create a beautiful outdoor space that doesn’t involve an acre of land. Give container gardening a try today to discover all of the advantages it has to offer!