Landscaping Ideas For Slopes

If you have a yard that sits on a slope rather than a nice piece of flat ground then don’t worry, you are not alone. There are many people who live on slopes, hills, and have other odd landscaping challenges so don’t despair – for I have some advice on how to tackle the issue and get the most out of your backyard space.

First off, you’ll be glad to learn that there are great landscaping ideas for slopes and other oddities that can look just as good, if not better, than what you can do with a flat lawn. Some are actually so nice that you’ll be thankful you can actually take advantage of a nice slope in your garden. So,instead of mowing those tricky sloping areas, dress them up with some great and amazing ideas.

You have to think about how steep your lawn area is when deciding on landscaping ideas for slopes. Some are very shallow drops, which mean you can easily tear up the area, plant flowers, add mulch, and then add whatever touch you want to finish them off. Think about how easily you can walk up and down the slope. If you can do so without too much trouble, then this idea will probably work just fine. However, if you have trouble walking up the slope ,then more radical action may be required because the runoff from rain may damage your flower bed.

Some people will use large rocks in their landscaping ideas for slopes. Remember to add boulders after digging them in a bit so that they do not roll. Another idea is to use smaller rocks to make tiers on your sloped area. These tiers can then be filled with whatever you want, soil, gravel or even grass. Thats right. you can replant grass, add flowers, even plant vegetables (ever been to the Mediterranean?) or you can simply make it a rock garden. Some ideas take more time and upkeep than others, so don’t just go with what you think will look good, but also with what you feel you can maintain so that everything looks good throughout the year.

You may want to go with something fun that doesn’t require a lot of work once you have started your landscaping ideas for slopes. If you have steps, you can work around them. If you don’t have them , then this may be a good time to get them installed. You can find varieties of grass that grow tall and stand up well. They come in greens and even in shades of purples. These grow quickly and look very nice on sloped landscaping ; they also require very little upkeep. You can mulch around the tufts of grass if you wish, or you can plant the grass tightly so that this is not needed, but remember that you will probably need to weed once in a while, so make sure that your area is accessible.

If you want relatively maintenance free landscaping ideas for slopes you can build tiers as I  mentioned above and then you can plant things like bushes and other fun plants such as cacti (depending on where you live) that require little to no work after they planted. Or, you can opt for sprawling ivy plants and greenery that comes back year after year without you having to lift a finger. You can even use these are rock beds and build in water features or just leave them as is.

Either way, landscaping on slopes can actually be fun, it can e simpler than you might think and best of all, it can add to the value of your property.