Knowing What to Look for When You Buy a Riding Lawn Mower

You may not need to put as much research into a riding lawnmower as you would into a car purchase; but it does need a bit of thought.

For instance, did you know that 2011 lawnmowers were better than any 2010 model in their ability to run without polluting? The EPA revised its standards for 2011. The dealers probably still have quite a few older models lying around, mixed in with newer models. You really need to look closely at the riding lawnmower model you plan to buy, to make sure that it is manufactured to meet the new standards.

In some countries where the laws aren’t as strict as they should be, car dealers will routinely disconnect the odometer on a car, use it as much as they want to offer test drives, and then give it a good clean, and put it back up for sale, without breathing a word to anyone. While that cannot happen when you buy a car here, it certainly can happen when you buy a riding lawn mower.

Which is why it is rather convenient that they equip these machines with hour meters. These are not odometers – these cannot be disconnected. Every minute that your lawnmower is used, it racks up minutes on its power meter. If you wish to make sure that your new purchase is really new, do make sure that you check the hours on the meter out.

A lot of people will buy a riding lawnmower even if they don’t have a large enough lawn to justify it. Some people do have lawns that are large enough to justify such a machine, except that they’ll buy a bigger machine than their size of lawn would call for. For instance, they hate the idea of buying a small single cylinder machine. Some manufacturers know that buyers just buy those big machines because they think they are cool.

They think that their customers won’t really use their new mowers for very large lawns. And so, they put those big engines on a weak chassis. For you, this can end up meaning a product that doesn’t really last very long.

It would always be a better idea to buy a machine that has the right size of engine for the right size of frame. You’ll always be sure of this when you buy a smaller machine.

It’s always best to buy the zero turn lawn mower. When you don’t have one of these, you’ll find that your machine believes an area of uncut grass when you turn it around. You have to go back to cut it.

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