How To Protect Your Vegetable Garden

If you plant a vegetable garden, you are going to want to go on the defensive so that pests and other animals don’t come along and ruin all of your hard work. In the following article you will learn how to protect your garden in order to save you from the frustration caused by failed crops and half eaten vegetables.

Garden grubs can be one of the most annoying pests in a garden since they are not immediately noticeable. These grubs often stay deep underground in the soil and work against your plants from beneath. To ensure that these grubs do not completely ruin your vegetables you could use either pesticides or even indulge in a bit of organic warfare by using parasites of your own. Whatever method you choose, you will want to kill all of the grubs that you find in and around your garden.

Slugs are also a common nuisance in gardens. One home remedy you can use to make sure slugs don’t ruin your garden is by using beer. Slugs are actually attracted to beer (I know how they feel :)) so if you just pour some beer into a shallow bowl or a jar lid, then the slugs will go inside of the container and drown in the beer – at least they will die happy! Be sure to put it somewhere low to the ground so the slugs have easy access to the beer. For example, if you use a jar you might first want to bury the jar in the dirt a little bit before pouring the beer in.

Birds can also be a very annoying pest especially when they swoop down and pilfer some of your hard worked for vegetables from right under your nose. To counteract birds, you need to surround your vegetable patch with nets that will block their paths. If a bird can’t get into your garden it wont have the opportunity to ruin it.

When you are deciding on which vegetables you want to plant in your garden, be sure to think ahead and examine the possible issues that you will face. In other words always be prepared. Different vegetables attract different animals. Research which animals are likely to visit your garden when you plant particular vegetables and then figure out ways to stop them from harming your garden in the future. After all, you are at a significant advantage over the animals in that you have the internet and other resources at your disposal to figure out ways to stop them. So,make sure you use these resources.

As I mentioned above, some plants actually attract animals, but did you know that growing certain plants can actually deter animals from coming anywhere near your garden!?! For example, many bugs and other pests will stay away from gardens that have garlic growing in them. These all-natural ways of repelling pests are much better for the long-term health of your garden (and you!) than spraying chemicals all over your plants.

Of course, this advice will vary from place to place, but in certain areas, failing to properly protect your garden will result in a disappointing amount of crops that you will actually be able to harvest. If you think ahead about how to keep unwanted animals out of your garden, then you won’t have to constantly worry about something coming along and ruining your food.