How To Help Wildlife With Your Backyard Landscaping

Today’s post is going to be a little bit different. You see, a garden without wildlife is a garden without character. The birds, bees and insects that inhabit your local area all form a vital part of its eco-structure and should be encouraged  As every experienced gardener will tell you, birds and certain insects control pests as well as helping the garden to literally ‘come alive’. In this short piece I am going to discuss some great ways to help wildlife flourish in your backyard garden.

When people hear of wildlife, a lot of nature lovers would really like to create a backyard wildlife habitat. But often, they give up the idea because they feel they don’t have the right kind home for it.

That’s really unnecessary though. You can put one together even if all you have is a balcony on the fourth floor. It’ll still get beautiful birds and insects coming in – all you need is to provide them with the food and surroundings that tell them that yours is a happy and friendly place to be in.

You can even put off trying to create a habitat. The very first thing that little birds, insects and animals need is food and water. It’s the highlight of their day. It is food and water that they traverse, route and roam the world for. Hand it to them on a platter, and there is no keeping them away.

Of course, you could consider sending out additional birdseed or something. But that’s not the kind of thing you have that would really qualify as a backyard wildlife habitat. What you need is to provide visiting wildlife guests with natural food sources – flowers that have nectar, plants that bear berries and nuts and seeds and so on. Of course, once you set these kinds of plants up, feeders and other things can happen as supplementary food sources.

While you can probably go down to the nursery to get exotic foreign plants, that’s not the way to get backyard wildlife make a backyard wildlife habitat. Wildlife in the area is only going to be looking for local, native plants. That’s what you need to look for.

Of course, setting up water for your visitors is much easier and it can be pretty beautiful, too. Decide to get a bird bath, and you will find that before long, word gets around. If you live in the city, there really aren’t that many places for birds to go where they can get a little dip. You can set out all kinds of things – a puddling area that butterflies can dip themselves in, an installed artificial pond, a rain garden – there are so many choices. You just need to keep it clean and fresh.

You’ve seen how professional aquarium designers will always design little rocks and castles in their aquarium that the fish can hide out in, haven’t you? That’s the way animals are. They are just always fearful of being attacked. If you don’t have a place to hide, they feel bad. If you have a garden, you can really have a ball here – thick shrubs, a pile of brush, a dead tree or two – all of these can be great.

Not to mention, these areas of shelter give visiting wildlife a place to raise a family.