Easy Container Gardening

In a previous post I spoke about the joys of easy container gardening. This kind of gardening is great for folks who would love to have a garden, but who are limited by the small amount of space available to them. Perhaps they live in an apartment or condo with their only outdoor area consisting of a small balcony or patio. If this sounds like your situation, do not despair. Container gardening is a great option, and you can grow an amazing amount of vegetables in spite of your limitations. This article provides some great information if you would like to try your hand at container gardening.

The first decision you need to make is which vegetables, fruits or flowers you would like to grow. This will depend partially on the sun exposure you have and how much time you are able to put into your garden. If your outdoor space is exposed to the sun most of the day, you should choose sun-loving plants. If your space is shaded most of the day, look for plants that do well in the shade. Look for light recommendations on the packaging before you purchase your plants or seeds, and search online for more information about growing those plants.

Choosing the right container for each plant is important. Some plants need a lot of room for their roots to spread out while other types of plants can even grow in a hanging bag. The space you have will determine which containers you should use, and if you need to move the containers in or out of the sun, make sure they are not too heavy. If necessary, you can use a plant dolly to make it easier to move them.

If your space if very limited, you may be limited to growing enough vegetables to make a salad occasionally. An up-side-down tomato bag works great for bite-sized tomatoes because the fruit is not too heavy. If you have a support system above your patio or balcony you can hang the bag from it. Make sure it is exposed to the sun at least a few hours each day if possible. Lettuce grows great in a container, and since it is a cool crop veggie, look for a shady place for that container. Peppers can also be grown in containers, but look for variety that produces many small peppers on each plant.

The best way to make sure your garden will grow well and provide you with a few veggies is to understand what each plant requires. Once you have decided which plants you want to grow, go online and find which varieties grow best in containers. Follow the recommendations for growing these plants and you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

If you provide optimum growing conditions for your plants and tend them carefully, you will likely have more produce than you can use from time to time. Share the excess with your neighbors, and perhaps they will return the favor if they have plants that you are not growing.

Whether you want a garden as a hobby or as a way to grow a few fresh vegetables, a container garden can provide you with a lot of enjoyment. This article provides some tips about how to garden with very limited space.

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